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Goal setting dos and dont

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Dołączył: 22 Maj 2013
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PostWysłany: Pią 11:58, 10 Sty 2014    Temat postu: Goal setting dos and dont

Goal setting dos and dont
Goal setting isn't rocket science. But if you make any of these common mistakes, your resolutions may be doomed from the getgo. Use these tips and quick fixes to set yourself up for success from the start.
1. Set Short Term Goals: While it's reasonable to have a goal you'd like to reach in a year or six months, the sweeping magnitude of that long term commitment may be overwhelming. Set goals in a manageable time frame. For some, that may be a month, for some it may be a week, for others it may literally be hours. Keep the time frame small enough to ensure success. If you can't commit to work out every day in a given week, then commit to exercise that particular night. If you're not sure that you can stick to your diet for three days, then resolve to make a healthy choice at your next meal.
2. Set Up Specific Methods for Measuring Success: In order to build on short term accomplishments, you must first be able to recognize them. Set measurable standards for determining progress when setting your goals.
Don't: I'm going to exercise tonight
Do: I'll spend 30 minutes walking on the treadmill after work today
Don't: I want to be a faster runner
Do: I'd like to run a February 5K in under 24 minutes
3. Acknowledge Accomplishments: Most athletes I know spend little or no time acknowledging their successes before they set a new goal and begin training for faster, stronger, more competitive results. The downside to this plan is that by always setting the bar higher, you keep yourself in "not quite there" mode, which over the long haul, can tank your enthusiasm, deteriorate motivation and render training less effective. Instead,[url=][/url], bolster your confidence to fortify commitment. When you reach a short term goal, take some time to enjoy and acknowledge your success.
Don't: I did great at that 5K, but I know I can do better
Do: I did great at that 5K
Don't: I've been starving myself all week and I haven't lost any weight
Do: I've made healthy choices for an entire week
Resolutions become reality when you set yourself up for success. The gratification of reaching short term goals will inspire the level of motivation needed to get you through the tough challenges you'll inevitably face along the way to long term success.

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Dołączył: 06 Lis 2013
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PostWysłany: Sob 16:28, 18 Sty 2014    Temat postu:

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